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We've collected some of the most common questions we hear from customers. If you have a question that's not answered here or in our documentation, feel free to reach out to us at or on Discord.

I encountered an error while using the API or SDK. What should I do?

Reach out to us via the in-app chat,, or via Discord.

How does pricing work? How does the Developer Tier differ from Enterprise?

Our pay-as-you-go pricing model varies by tier and is available here:

How can I upgrade to Enterprise?

Please feel free to reach us at or via Discord and we'll be in touch.

My data is very sensitive. Can I still use Predibase?

Yes, we offer a VPC deployment where you can deploy the Predibase Data Plane into a Virtual Private Cloud on any of the major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure). Contact us at to learn more.

I ran out of credits. What do I do now?

If you run out of credits, you can continue using Predibase by adding a credit card to your account in the UI under Settings > Billing.

Why has my job been queued for a long time?

Once you submit a fine-tuning job, your model will remain in a queued state until there are available resources to finish training.

How long does model training take?

Once training begins, model training varies and can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on model size, dataset size, and epochs.

Will my data be used to train other models?

Your data will never be used to train models, unless you explicitly grant us permission to do so.

If you wish to remove any shared data from the platform, please reach out to us at

You can also see additional details in our Privacy Policy.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by going to Settings > My Profile > Delete Account. If you delete your account, your datasets and adapters will be continue to exist in the Team. If you'd like to close your Team entirely, contact us at