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Predibase is a cloud-native, SaaS platform that is deployed on top of Kubernetes and operates out of a control plane for business logic and a data plane for operations related to customer-sensitive data.

The control plane follows a multi-tenant architecture and is managed by Predibase. The data plane is a secure Predibase environment which can be deployed to either AWS or Azure cloud.

Deployment Options

Predibase Cloud

Predibase’s fully managed deployment allows you to start training models instantly on the Predibase platform. Predibase will operate the end-to-end infrastructure stack, including both the control plane and data plane. This allows us to easily manage and monitor the infrastructure, while also providing improved operational support for customers.

During the SaaS free trial, you will receive access to the Predibase platform (with limitations) at absolutely no cost.


The VPC deployment option gives you control over your infrastructure and data while benefiting from the agility of a SaaS solution. This is achieved by deploying the data plane into your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so that data never leaves your environment.

During the 30-day VPC free trial, you will receive access to the full Predibase platform at no cost. However, you will be billed for any compute used via your cloud provider. Users can deploy Predibase into Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. We currently support "us-west-2" region for AWS and "West US 2" region for Azure.

If you’d like to deploy into another cloud (ex. Google Cloud Platform) or another region, please let us know at