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Role-based Access Control

To add a member to your organization, click Create User, enter the required fields, and then modify their role. Predibase supports two roles, User and Admin:

  • User - Default for most members, with the following permissions:

    • Prompt Serverless and Dedicated LLMs
    • Connect and view datasets
    • Create model repositories and fine-tune models
    • Deploy models and delete deployments
    • Invite other members as Users
    • Delete the datasets created by them
  • Admin - Full admin access. Admins are able to do everything Users can, and additionally have the following permissions:

    • Create and manage engines for your organization
    • Modify permissions for Users and change their profile information
    • Remove Users
    • Invite other members as Admins
    • Delete datasets and model repositories created by anyone

Developer Tier users on Predibase Cloud will typically have a single Admin account listed in Members, which is a Predibase support account which can be used to aid with support.