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Create Engine

Note: This page only applies to Admins within Predibase.

To create an engine, simply click on the "+ New Engine" button in the top right-hand corner. This will open a modal, allowing you to make the following set of choices:

  • Name: The name by which you can refer to this engine across the platform
  • Engine Type: The type of engine you would like to create: General, Training, or Serving
  • Template: The template of the engine to create, including both CPU and GPU templates. For each engine, you will see a blue preview box with the underlying nodes (compute) that this engine has access to.

If you select a General Engine, you will be asked for additional information.

  • Auto Suspend: Will suspend your engine after a certain number of seconds (as provided). default: 0
  • Auto-resume: If toggled, will automatically resume your engine when there is a query or selection made against it in Predibase. default: True