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EXPORT MODEL exports the model to current object store connection to an export location with optional framework.


EXPORT MODEL model_name [ VERSION model_version ]
[ WITH FORMAT ( framework={ludwig,torchscript} ) ]
TO export_location


  • Model Name: the name of the model to export
  • Model Version: the optional model version number

Export Location

Specify the export location for a supported blob store connection types, eg:

  • S3: s3://bucket/path/
  • ADLS: az://bucket/path/
  • GCS: gc://bucket/path/

The path can be fully qualified, or end in a slash which will result in the output url being appended to include a unique model name and version identifier.


The model can be exported to the following formats:

  • ludwig (default) a zip file containing the native ludwig model files.
  • torchscript a single file that is an intermediate representation of a PyTorch model that can then be run in a high-performance environment.


The following will export the titanic model to a specific location in the current S3 connection in a triton format:

EXPORT MODEL my_model WITH FORMAT (framework='torchscript') TO 's3://bucket/path'