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All Commands (Alphabetical)

Command NameSummary
CREATE CONNECTIONCreates a new data source from an external connection.
CREATE DATASETCreates a new dataset from a source in the current connection.
CREATE DEPLOYMENTCreates or updates a deployment for a trained model.
CREATE MODELUsed to define and train a new Ludwig model configuration.
CREATE SCHEDULEAllows a SQL or PQL statement to be executed on a schedule.
DROP CONNECTIONDeletes an existing connection and any dependant datasets and models.
DROP DATASETDeletes an existing dataset and any dependant models.
DROP DEPLOYMENTDeletes an existing deployment.
DROP MODELDeletes an existing model repository.
EVALUATEUsed to evaluate one or more target features from a trained model given a query input.
EXPLANATIONUsing PREDICT, you have the option to add the clause WITH EXPLANATION to generate explanations for the model's predictions.
EXPORT MODELExports the model to current object store connection to an export location with optional framework.
FORK MODELUsed to create a new model that is a copy an existing model.
PREDICTUsed to compute predictions for one or more target features from a trained model given an input selection.
PROMPTUsed to query large language models by providing a prompt and optional input selection.
RETRAIN MODELUsed to retrain an existing model with the latest dataset.
SELECTUsed to obtain rows from the dataset and to filter results returned by prediction queries.
SHOW DEPLOYMENTSReturns a list of active deployments, optional filtering by serving engine, repository or name.