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Below is the class definition for the Deployment Config. It inherits from the BaseModel defined in Pydantic.

class DeploymentConfig(BaseModel):
base_model: str
accelerator: str | None = Field(default=None)
cooldown_time: PositiveInt | None = Field(default=None)
hf_token: str | None = Field(default=None)

By default, Predibase sets the following default values (subject to change):

  • accelerator: Predibase chooses the best suitable option given your tier, provided base_model, and availability.
  • cooldown_time: 0 seconds (always on)

If deploying a "best effort" custom base model,

  • You must provide an accelerator
  • You must provide hf_token (your Huggingface token) if deploying a private model.
Note regarding base_model

Use the short names provided in the list of available models.