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This method downloads the model to a specified location on your local machine. By default,
it will download the model to the current working directory in the Ludwig format.
to the current working directory in the Ludwig format.


   name: Optional[str]
Name of the compressed model folder to download.

   location: Optional[str]
File path to download the model to. By default, this method will download to the current working
directory. The specified path can be a relative or an absolute path.

   framework: Optional[str] (DEPRECATED)
Framework to download the model as. Default is to download as a Ludwig Model. Available frameworks
are: 'ludwig', 'torchscript', and 'triton'. The ability to specify models will be removed in an upcoming release, and models will download in ludwig format




Get a model and download it.

    model = pc.get_model(model_id=5678)

# Download to current working directory

# Download 'ludwig_model' to a specific location'', location='/Users/jdoe/Downloads')